How to harness your creativity

creativityIt may come with an air of intangibility, but creativity is one of the most important facets of the human psyche. It’s something that we all possess in some form or another and it is increasingly what separates us from others in a work setting. Companies are increasingly looking to employ so called “creative people” as a means of getting, and staying, ahead of the competition. While the term creativity may have vastly different meanings to different people, there are a number of proven methods for harnessing one’s creativity. The three methods outlined below have been shown to be three of the most effective means of harnessing your own inner creative power.

  1. Creating a perfect place of your own. Time and again, when interviewed, the most creative people tend to cite this as the primary factor in effectively harnessing their creativity. Having a designated space of your own, where you can close yourself off from the world and really be alone with your thoughts, while having the freedom to work as you wish, is positively critical when it comes to promoting creative thinking.
  2. Keep track of all ideas, no matter how seemingly ludicrous. One of the most effective ways to harness your inner creativity is to simply write down all your ideas. Keep them in a notebook and keep that notebook with you at all times. No ideas are useless; embrace this feeling. Some of the most innovative concepts come from connecting seemingly unrelated ideas, ideas that may have at first seemed strange or illogical.
  3. Take time out. As strange as it may sound, one of the best ways to promote creative thinking is to switch off and take time out. Go for a walk, go to the gym, play a round of online slots, get away from all distractions and just let your thoughts flow. Creativity is a strange beast and one that often bites when you least expect it.   

Is my relationship really in trouble?

Relationships are tricky things at the best of times. Long term relationships and marriages, however, are even harder still. Once the initial romance and idea2excitement has gone out of a relationship, every couple goes through that awful moment of doubt, wondering whether they are with the right person, whether they would be happier with someone else, or whether they are just reading too much into things. It’s a natural cycle and it’s something that affects everyone. When going through this period of doubting a relationship, however, there are three sure fire ways to tell if your relationship is really in trouble.

  1. You’re measuring too much. In a well functioning relationship, the focus should be on creating a happy and loving environment, which benefits both parties. A sure fire way to tell whether your relationship is in trouble is when you start to measure each other’s contributions too much. As soon as you start nit picking over who contributes the most, who cooks the most, and who cleans the most, or whatever it is, you’re heading down a troubled road. If there are issues, discuss them. Keeping score, however, is a slippery slope to a failed relationship.
  2. You’ve started hiding things. We are not referring here to a secret affair or such like. Instead we are referring to that point in a relationship where you no longer feel that you can share everything with your partner. You mayhide littel things like that you’ve been on again, or you may begin to meet friends in secret to discuss certain issues that you previously discussed with your partner. When asked about your day, hiding these meetings, even if subconsciously, is an extremely negative sign.
  3. You feel more relaxed and “yourself” when your partner is not around. This sense of relaxation when not around your partner can be an indicator that you are feeling oppressed by your other half; another sure sign that your relationship may be in turmoil.