Signs Your Date Isn’t a Keeper


As you gaze across the candlelit table at the fine specimen before you, you can’t quite shake the feeling that something is off. Your date is dressed to the nines, brilliant at conversation, and could stop traffic with that dazzling smile. You should probably just shrug off whatever minor thing is bugging you, right? Maybe not. The following behaviors could be indicators of trouble ahead.

  1. Treating the Wait staff Poorly

Unless the waitress spat in your tiramisu, there’s no reason to be rude to her. The wait staff are there to provide you with a service, not to cater to your ego. If your date is heavy-handed with the wait staff, they probably like to feel dominant. Unless you prefer to always be submissive, this could cause relationship conflict.

  1. Sulking Around Your Friends

It’s a bad sign when your usually charismatic date suddenly becomes repressed in the presence of your friends. Maybe your date is just shy, but if they consistently clam up it shows they are unwilling to make an effort to get to know your social circle.

  1. Being Cavalier about Health Matters

If your date doesn’t care about their own health, they certainly won’t care about yours. Take a gander at your date’s teeth. If they aren’t well kept, odds are your date also slacks in other essential health matters. You want a relationship with someone who will have a long and healthy life and will encourage you to be healthy as well.

  1. Handling Money

Don’t forget to consider how he’s treating money. Does he choose the most expensive dishes? Does he pay for the bill? Of course, women want to be paid for on a date, but if he rather wants to split the bill that can be a sign  that he is actually good handling his money and saving instead of spending everything on gambling or other expensive hobbies. You don’t want to catch him reading up about slots online on sites like only to find out a week later that he spent all your money on that latest slot machine!

Compromise is an essential part of any successful relationship, but there are certain things that cannot be shrugged off. That nagging feeling you have may be a warning that there is trouble in paradise.

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Dos and Don’ts of Supporting a Sick Friend or Relative

When someone we care about gets bad news about their health, we naturally want to help. Whether it’s holding someone’s hand through chemo treatments or just sending a thoughtful gift or card, we want to feel like we’re doing SOMETHING in the face of an illness that may leave us feeling quite powerless to help. I’ve experienced it to be quite nice to bring funny movies or video clips. Just download videos from Youtube (you can use a downloader like Pro Video Downloader), and put them on a DVD. Most hospitals have DVD players these days, so your friend or relative will be able to watch them when you’re not there.

how-to-visit-a-sick-friend_stk99529cor.s300x300When interacting with a gravely ill person, we often end up saying stupid things out of nervousness or confusion. Review these tips before your visit and you’ll have a much better chance of expressing yourself in a kind and helpful way.

Don’t compare your friend’s situation to someone else’s. Every medical case is different, and depending on their mindset at the time, they might take even the most positive statement the wrong way. For example, if you say the treatment they’re getting has a 90 percent success rate, they might focus on their chances of being in the unlucky 10 percent.

Don’t compliment their appearance if they look sick. If they know they look bad, you’ll lose credibility. And if they look good but feel awful, they might hesitate to share their true feelings out of fear of disappointing you.

Do let your friend or relative know you are there for them when they need you. The best way to do this is by letting them set the terms for when they need you and for what. Ask them to tell you when they want company and when they want to be alone.

Remember, the most important thing is honesty and availability! Don’t sugarcoat bad news, but be there to empathize with your friend over it.