Top Mind Blowing Movies

If you are a big fan of movies, it is just good to know that there are top mind blowing movies that you can be attracted the most. Some movies will let you speechless and in awe! This feeling can be compared as the one you might get while playing online casinos and winning jackpots! If you are into adrenaline and are looking for this kind of feeling you should check and find out more about trustworthy online casinos. Below are some of those movies that will keep you even more entertained:

The Jacket
The Jacket is a movie that has a varied subject. The best thing about it is that it focuses more on the freedom of choice. It is also something that presents a spatial dimension. You’ll be more impressed with its “butterfly effect” including its counterfeits and true love. You will like the ideas that are intertwined all throughout the movie. Thus, this movie brings out such a unique beauty of the storyline.

The Machinist
In regard to this movie, it tackles about Christian Dale and his dedication to his craft. The weirdest thing is that he just lived on coffee and apples for a few months. That way, he will achieve his skinny and freakish physique. Also, witness his incredibly hulky body. In regard to its theme, it is exactly the same as the movie Inception. The character here of Christian Bale is one who suffers from insomnia. This is why he behaves in a strange manner and his co-workers and friends stay away from him. The best thing about this movie is that it will keep you guessing until the very end. You’ll need a lot of patience before it comes up in its mind-blowing conclusion.

The Thirteenth Floor
The Thirteenth Floor is a sci-fi film that is set in the simulated worlds. The simulation occurred during the year 1937. It also included a very smart programmer. After he successfully created it, he was then killed. All of his secrets were buried along with him. It was then that his message was left that had something to do with the fate of all people in the world. His close friend named Douglas Hill was the person responsible for his death. But, it was mind-blowing to know that he questioned himself of his innocence. Did he really the one who murdered his friend?

Sleep Dealer
This movie is quite a good view of the future. This focuses on the globalization and immigration that are considered as big issues. The government organizations leverage the confusion of the citizens. Even the people in the movie are divided. The impressive thing about this movie is its story that touches your heart and its developed characters. It really is convincing as a sci-fi movie.

The Others
The mere fact that this movie showcases traditional horror, the twist is still very much unique. You will love it and appreciate it more as a movie. The character, who is a mother, is trying her best to protect her kids. She also hopes for her husband to come home after joining the WW2. Since there were three servants who just came out, it was the time that her daughter witnesses something strange. There were intruders and strange events everywhere. That is something that will keep you engrossed in the movie.