Effect of Adrenaline on Our Ability to Think Properly

Adrenaline has different effects on the brain especially when one is faced by a life-threatening situation or stress. There are those who will run for their dear lives as the brain gets conditioned to do so and others will choose to fight whatever approached them in order to survive. This is a condition referred to as fight or flight. At some points, such a reaction is not necessary but because adrenaline stimulated the brain to act against the danger, the body responds accordingly which may put you into more trouble. You come to realize later that your brain did not reason properly to deal with the danger.

What effect does adrenaline have on the body?

Adrenaline rush has a number of effects on the overall body parts which in turn send the impulses to the brain for it to act very first and give the right decision to follow. These are some of them;

Dilation of the eyes

This allows you to see the danger at a wider angle. You are able to focus on what it is that is going to kill you at that particular time. At the same time, the dilated eyes help you see the different routes you can use to escape. Since the mind is flooded at that moment, after receiving these impulses from the eyes, there is no time to figure out whether the direction is safe. It rules out that its time to run for dear life.

Increased heart and breathing rate

This increases the amount of blood that is being supplied to the brain as everything is happening very fast. It is also important for supplying enough air as the breathing rate is also very high. At this point, one may not be able to run away from the danger. There are those who will remain inactive and wait to die. The brain is not able to make any decision on what to do to survive the incident. This is because the levels of adrenaline do not allow it to make any decision. As a result, one can get hurt or even get killed.

Adrenaline on stress management

Have you ever gotten to the stage and everything you had to say escapes to the clouds? This is when adrenaline work is appropriately manifested. Different people will act in a different manner depending on the adrenaline effect. some will sweat and urinate on themselves. Is this really normal? Under normal circumstances, it is not. Since the adrenaline levels rose, the brain does not function properly at the moment o know what you are doing to yourself.

Others brain cannot handle the adrenaline increased levels so they scream. There are those that will decide to run away from the stage to avoid the so many eyes and the embarrassment. The brain cannot be able to decide that all these decisions and reactions will cost you a lot afterward. If you have ever played online casinos you might know this feeling! Nothing better than playing slots with yukon gold casino to feel the adrenaline!

How to handle adrenaline rush

Although the brain cannot be able to function appropriately under such condition, you can help adjust the situation in a number of ways. The main one is maintaining cool. Don’t allow being carried away and give your brain time to make a better decision even if not the right one.

In conclusion, the question many people ask themselves after making the wrong rush decision at the event of danger is, how does adrenaline affect our ability to think clearly? The article has some of the answers for you